After Covert Communication developed a very successful Solar Wizard calculator plugin, Panasonic, one of the largest and most respected technology companies in the world, approached the agency to give them a proprietary version for their solar dealers. This customizable solar calculator estimates for Residential (with and without battery storage) and Commercial installations. 

Now, potential customers of Panasonic dealers can easily get the answers they need to go solar with lots of options. It shows potential customers the costs of going solar and, more importantly, how much they’ll save over the years. They get information to determine if solar makes sense for them. Dealers will see the conversions; using the calculator in privacy means prospective customers don’t have to face a salesperson until they are ready. Never fear; dealers don’t lose the lead—the data is saved as they proceed through the calculator, allowing salespeople to communicate with them later.

“We are thrilled about the success of the Panasonic plugin,” stated Anna Covert, Principal of Covert Communication. “It adds to our ability to help solar dealers, literally worldwide, convert more leads to sales.”

The Panasonic calculator is completely customizable for a designated sales area. It reveals the range of costs, including all of the available incentives, revealing the affordability and savings a solar system will yield. 

The plugin is easy to install and ready to go to work, helping to convert more leads!