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Target the right people with the right message at the right time.

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Your digital media should be smart and strategic. It should maximize your results and deliver immediate value. It shouldn’t be a mystery.

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  • Owner of Covert Communication, the largest digital marketing firm in Hawaii.

  • SunPower & Panasonic Preferred Partners

  • Technology Consulting for Fortune 500 Companies

  • Founder of Solar Wizard Plugin, with downloads in over 24 countries

Anna Covert (author of 'The Covert Code') wearing a floral blazer, standing in front of a dark background with a smoky halo effect.
Cover of the book 'The Covert Code' by Anna Covert with a gold Forbes Books featured author seal and the text 'In stores June 2024'.

Mastering The Art of Digital Marketing

Business owners know they need online advertising but fail to learn, practice, or apply the rules of digital media. With this book, Anna unlocks the secrets of digital media, explaining the strategies she’s developed that consistently deliver success.

Publishing June 18th, 2024


Anna’s passion is contagious, and her topics are fresh and exhilarating for audiences of all ages who want to understand how digital media really works and how to take back control.

Popular Topics
  • The Rules for Digital Media – Identifying How Media is Bought and Sold Online.

  • What Is Your Customer Worth? – Understanding How to Build a Digital Marketing Budget and Measure Results.

  • Making the Right Technology Choices – Picking the Tools to Build a TechStack That Works.

  • From Aware to Action – Understanding Your Customers’ Journey Online.

  • Programatic Advertising 1.0 – Expanding the Basics of Digital Media into the Programatic Future.

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Book signings & lei’s included.

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The need to self-regulate this realm has never been greater, and The Covert Code offers the tools to do just that!

Scott Aronson, former Vice President, BBB; CEO, SunRev, an Elite SunPower Dealer

When attending a seminar with Anna Covert, the knowledge base was dynamic and exciting!

January Liddell, Xtreme 1 Financial

An indispensable read for professionals in marketing, design, and business. Covert uncovers the harsh realities of today’s digital marketing while presenting a proven, customer-first approach for the future.

Rye Zupancis, Data Visualization Instructor at Parsons School of Design

Leave it to Anna to try to take the mystery out of all that goes on in the digital marketing space. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Charles Wathen, Interbay Urban Developments

At last, a one-stop spot to get the digital marketing direction business leaders and marketers need so desperately.

Jen Welsh, Sea Bright Solar
Anna Covert (author of 'The Covert Code'), wearing a floral blazer, smiling and gesturing with her hand.

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